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Bean Soup Recipe

From Bruce Colburn, DCR  at Willard Brook,  a look at the history of DCR's patches.

Smokey The Bear Song

Some Old Pictures of the Park

Where did the Willard Brook name come from?

According to a talk given by Carl Willard in 1951, Willard "Stream" was named after Samuel Willard, of Lancaster, MA. He was a military man who in 1725 served as Captain of a company of 40 men that went scouting for Indians, from Lancaster through the Monadnock region to Charlestown, New Hampshire. He was highly respected as "a man of character, ability, and substance." His Father, Simon, was one of Concord's founders and later was a resident of Groton when the settlement was burned by Indians. 

The new bench is located on the Friend's trail just a short way from the Pearl Hill parking area, overlooking the "beaver pond".

New Bench is installed....       The View


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